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Implement Data-driven products and AI augmented operations with Nordstern Data Labs

Our team of data scientists, analysts and engineers, develop and deploy a full spectrum of Data-driven and AI augmented products - from business intelligence, analytics and reporting, to machine learning, business process automation and AI. Together we increase your productivity and operational efficiency at optimal cost.

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Our Offer

Gain productivity, reveal business insight, cut on time and cost.

Collecting Data and implementing Data-driven and AI products is proving crucial determinant for businesses' growth, competitive advantage and market reach.
Here is our approach

Advantegous Total Cost of Ownership

Implementation of Data and AI products can be a challenging endevour, consuming a lot of resources and time. Our solution offers better TCO than in-house model.

Shorter time to implement

Business dynamics require predictable result oriented outcomes. With our solution you cut on recruitment and onboarding efforts and can deliver solutions from the get go on a clear time schedule.

Variaty of Data sources

Whether you need to collect, transform and store publicly available or your own data, streaming or in batches, structured or unstructured, our team of data engineers has a solution for you.

Scalable Data Storage

We understand that as your business grows, so is your demand for data storage. We can implement cloud and hybrid solutions to meet your needs.

Regulatory compliance and security

By strictly following regulatory and compliance standards, our team mitigates regulatory and security risks for your business.

Avoid vendor locks and other common pitfalls

Vendor specific solutions can be costly. Our team makes sure to implement industry standard solutions, taking into account inevitable future technology shifts.

How it works

A clear path to implement Data-driven and AI products.

Step 1: Request evaluation

Get in touch to get a free evaluation of your business needs from a technology perspective. Get clear insights about manpower, expertise, compute and storage requirements to achieve your goals. All assessments are subject to Non-disclosure agreement.

Step 2: Hire our team of experts

Hire a dedicated team of data scientists, data engineers and analysts to develop and implement your business requirements into a data-driven and AI solution. All the advantages of a Single point of contact, Data processing agreement, Product requirements and Development schedule - on a predefined budget.

Step 3: Dedicated maintainance and support

Ensure maintenance and support for the entire project lifetime with Service level agreement that suits your business goals. Implemented products can be completely managed by our team.

Augment your operations with AI and get Data-driven business insight

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Start by requesting a free evaluation

Why choose us?

On Budget

Product development and implementation plans according to your budget. Cloud FinOps, lean tech stack and optimized team structure.

Team of Experts

Dedicated team, assigned to your project. No recruitment, no on-boarding, no staffing. Experts from the get go, focused on your priorities.

Single point of Communication

Every client gets a dedicated manager to facilitate communication. In your preferred language.

Industry specific solutions

We step in where there is no one sloution to fit all needs. We tackle custom KPIs, in-house processess, unique corporate culture and valuable know-how.

Tech burden management

Navigating technology advances is a challenge by itself. We do it for you and advise you how to benefit from it.


Dynamic business environment is where we thrive. You grow and get faster, we pace with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions chief corporate officers usually ask regarding succesful implementation of Big Data and AI products.

Why should I work with a Big Data and AI Agency, rather than develop the business solution in-house?

This is a classic make or buy decision. If you are starting a new project from scratch, or you need to manage business growth now, it is more economically viable to hire a ready-made team of experts, rather than start from recruitment, on-boarding, training and then managing an in-house team with very specific expertise to achieve your goals. Hiring a Big Data and AI Agency will allow you to directly utilize expertise needed, access to our know-how, and achieve results faster and in a manageable way, without distracting you from your business operations.

How should I approach Big Data and AI implementation in my organization?

Typically organizations have some legacy data warehouses from where data is duplicated multiple times to fit specific business cases. Additionally every department uses a set of SaaS products, that encapsulates data away from the rest of the organization. The result is tediuos end expensive access to valuable business insight. Analytical work is often done by employees using miriad of tools from spreadsheets to various BI dashboards. Our approach is to gradually migrate data to a semi-structured cloud environment to avoid duplication, where we orchestrate and schedule the data collection, transformation, augmentation and integrity, according to specific business requirements. We promote analysers as a separate role in the organization, thus offloading your field experts. On that basis we introduce machine learning and AI models to make for a more productive organization overall.

Why should I approach the Big Data and AI products together? Aren't they separate technologies?

They surely are. However, our experince shows that the implementation of Data management throughout organization is essential prerequisite to the subsequent Machine Learning and AI implementation. It is the case that machine learning and AI need well structured and maintained Data to be trained upon. It is not one size fits all. It is your specific knowledge of the market niche, internal processes, rules and corporate culture that needs to be augmented by AI, therefore every organization needs quality propriatary data in place to train upon and implement Machine Learning and AI.

Why investing in a tailor-made Big Data products? Why not just buy subscribtion based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)?

It is not one or the other. Saas products provide great solutions at a great price. However, they are not the universal solution to the digital transformation challenges organizations are facing. In parallel with all SaaS products the businesses need reliable and scalable Data management solution, to enable control, augmentation and utilization of data, produced by the SaaS. As organization matures, it becomes advantegous to interface, for instance, data from separate Makreting, Sales, Product development and Customer support SaaS products into a Big Data storage environment, from where organization can extract valuable inter-departmental business insight, develop custom KPIs and metrics, to use as a back-end database for an in-house software, and of course - train AI. It is economically inviable to delegate those tasks to employees with spreadsheets.

Which industries can take full advantage from embracing Big Data and AI technologies?

Usually our clients are well established medium enterprises in a high added value industries, adaptive to market challenges and with innovative approach to business, such as, among others - healthcare, financial services, logistics, telecommunications, energy, travel. Whatever the industry, there are several common traits our clients share. They are in rapid growght, facing a sudden demand in their niche. They are running successful marketing campaigns that are bringing a lot of clients to their doorstep. They serve big and geographically dispersed audience. By implementing Big Data and AI solutions our clients are introducing opperational efficiency, getting market insight and achieving customer satisfaction.

What are the costs, associated with Big Data and AI implementation?

There are capital expenditures to develop Data-driven and AI products, followed by operational expenditures to maintain the implemented solutions. Main portion of the initial financial commitment goes to product development. Typically a budget is allocated for new solution development as per client's business requirements, and payments are made upon reaching predefined milestones. Depending on the complexity the development can take 4 to 9 months. Subsequent maintanance cost will include cloud infrastructure maintanance and other support services as per SLA. Product development lifecycle will typically allocates additional budget for upgrades and new features of the implemented product.

What is the limit of data our organization can process?

The upper limit of storage is determined by the scalability of the cloud infrastructure. It is common among Forbes 500 companies to deal with petabytes (PB) of data every day. As the amount of data grows the issue is shifted towards speed and efficiency of data processing, rather than storage, because compute power accounts for larger portion of expences. As storage is cheaper, we approach this by implementing solutions that clearly separate data storage from compute engines, allowing for triggering data queries only when necessary and over limited amount of data. Additionally we enforce data retention policy, aiming to limit the amount of redundant and obsolete data from the storage without compromizing on the end result.

Are Data-driven products a substitute for the software we already use?

No. Data-driven products, such as business intelligence, business performance reporting, operations monitoring are taking advantage of the data already produced with the software applications in your organization. By utilizing different Application Programming Interfaces (API) Data-driven applications makes it possible to collect, augment and enrich data from software, database, file or website with relevant data from one or more other such sources.

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